Board of Advisor

For the past 12 years, I have worked with various national and international clients, from both corporate and the not-for-profit sectors that are focused on institutional development and are working towards building an enabling environment that promotes excellence in service delivery. I have provided my services to build the capacities of the organization or the project by defining tactical approaches, improving governance, seeking funding through conventional and non-conventional methods, tailoring social media campaigns, delivering through quality project management practices, by implementing result based systems to monitor and evaluate deliverables, through effective liaison with public/private sector stakeholders and by conducting training sessions.

I have been extensively involved in executing projects that have been of the following natures: conducting research through field surveys, building of community physical infrastructures and civil works, social protection programs, health based initiatives, livelihood interventions, agriculture, and food security programs. Apart from that I have facilitated numerous clients in initiating their business models, built analytical reports, conducting internal and external financial audits and built research papers in close coordination with members of the academia.

In order to achieve success, I believe it is important for one to have the following abilities: to mobilize resources, be a team player, possess great command over communication and outreach skills, have the ability to take calculated risks and to deliver and stand by the commitment one has made with its clients, with oneself.


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