Roles and Responsibilities as Health Education Adv

  • Participation in the National Communication Technical Committee on EPI & Polio Eradication – Responsible for developing and implementing national communication strategies for Polio Eradication and Expanded Program on Immunization.
  • Accelerate the implementations of the "Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Nonsmokers Health Ordinance 2002.
  • Advising the Ministry of Health on all aspects related to health education, communication, advocacy and social mobilization for all vertical programs including EPI, Primary Health-Care, T.B. Control, Hepatitis Prevention, Malaria Control, AIDS Prevention and Control.
  • Plan & Implement National Health Education and Communication Programs as integrated component of health services particularly Primary Health Care.
  • Providing dynamic leadership, technical guidance, assistance and supervision to the provincial Health Departments and international partner agencies in matters concerning health education, advocacy, communication and health promotion.
  • Processing international agreements pertaining to Health Education for securing international assistance and implementing the same.
  • Obtaining information about development in health education and health promotion in various countries and transferring this information to appropriate units in the Provinces.
  • Supervision and Coordination of Health Education Services in Primary Health Care carried out by various Governments, private sector and Voluntary Agencies in Provinces.
  • Carrying out health education through mass media radio, television, newspapers etc.
  • Launch of Social Mobilization and Advocacy Campaigns.
  • School Health Program: Guidelines for School Health Program have been developed by the WHO: The Health Department Government of Punjab has made School Health as main agenda of the Health Sector Reforms which are being implemented.
  • Urdu Translation books of the Prototype Action Oriented School Health Curriculum for Primary Schools and health education materials has helped in developing skills of the teachers and health care providers in setting up health promoting schools.
  • Advocacy efforts by the Health Sector and the WHO have motivated many District Nazims to declare all school sports as Tobacco Free.
  • TIPS went for community welfare work and helped the district government in Faisalabad to complete the drainage and sewerage system and road construction in rural areas of tehsil Samundri.
  • It coordinated and collaborated with EPI program and helped them to complete their vaccination by motivating the rural communities in Distt. Faisalabad.
  • It facilitated Health department in providing preventive health services to people in Dist. Gujranwala and helped them to prevent them from Malaria, water-borne diseases, hepatitis, EPI.
  • Mother and Child Healthcare Program by USAID: Designing and recording of mobile voice and SMS messages for 5G VAS’s mother and child healthcare project.
  • TIPS collaborated and coordinated with four (4) independent monitors & observers to assist Georgia State University conduct experimental sessions with rural households in Kasur, March 18-31; CEAR supported project Technology for Identifying Willingness to Access Healthcare.
  • TIPS held an interactive sessions with researchers and free-lance workers in social sectors in order to participate in aforementioned research study.

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