Technology innovation and Policy Solutions (TIPS) is a research firm, committed in providing technical services and policy solutions to various public and private institutions, national and international donors, bilateral, multilateral and civil society organizations in order to design, conduct, manage and implement major reform projects in socio-economic Sector. Working proactively since 2001, TIPS initiated its welfare services in the deprived rural communities as an agent of change and hope. Its pivotal role between masses and local government as mediator is ever commendable. It rendered tremendous services for poor communities and helped them to get better sewerage system, clean drinking water, basic health facilities and primary education for neglected communities at gross root level.

TIPS has multi-dimensional approach towards areas of poor health status, low literacy and deficient resource environments located in rural and far flung places of Pakistan. Its priority sectors are: mother & child health, EPI, obstetric care, nutritional deficiencies, agriculture research, environment, education, training, women health, population welfare, and general problems faced to masses in primary health care. It has multiple collaborations within Pakistan and abroad by providing platform to consultants, experts and researchers, academia, students and health workers for short and long term research and analysis. This is because of the vast communication network with fellow organizations working in social sector research and policy implementation. As research initiatives involve multiple stakeholders in provincial and Federal government. TIPS have become popular among comity of social activists and researchers. It provides them with technical support, research data sharing and facilitation in public and private sectors.

TIPS works in close collaboration with 5G-VAS, Taleem Foundation (TF) , TAPS and ARC. It has extensively engaged itself in joint projects of research and communication. It has launched different educational and health services on, ‘Mobile Telephone’ for people living in remote areas where professional experts’ availability is rare possibility. Sick, needy and poor people do benefit from the Services like ‘Mobile-Doctor’ and ‘Health tips for women’ at their doorstep. General public can access TIPS virtual experts and database round the clock without any hindrance of time and space. Following is the list of projects wherein TIPS is co- partner with 5G VAS.

TIPS works in close collaboration with 5G-VAS, Taaleem Foundation (TF),Georgia State University, CYAN, TAPS, Development Float and ARC. It has extensively engaged itself in joint projects of research and communication. Key latest projects of TIPS include:



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